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You have to format (FAT) SD card using computer, in root directory create ATARI folder. In this folder you can place folders and files. This is the start folder for SIO2SD. It's a good idea to use folders with up to about 100 files than one big folder with many, many files. On the first use of a new formatted card SIO2SD will create SIO2SD.CFG file in root directory, where configuration will be stored (files to disks mapping). To perform firmware upgrade, just put SIO2SD.BIN (28k version) into the root directory, then insert card with this file and press proper key combination. Note: the directory named ATARI must be present on the card or else SIO2SD won't recognize the card and won't perform the upgrade.

Keyboard (not updated for version 3.0 - please wait for update):

On PCB there are five keys placed like this:


In version 1.0:

From version 1.1:

From the version 2.0 device started with K4 pressed goes to setup mode (from version 3.0 also holding the SHIFT key for about 5 seconds goes to setup mode). In this mode keys have meaning as follows:


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